TIA Standards developed by committee EDEC

EIA-230 - Color Marking of Thermoplastic Covered Wire
EIA-359-A - EIA Standard Colors for Color Identification and Coding (ANSI/EIA-359-A-84)
EIA-359-A-1 - Special Colors (ANSI/EIA-359-A-1-88)
EIA-383-A - Preparation for the Delivery of Electrical and Electronic Components (ANSI/EIA-383-A-75) (R81)
EIA-385 - Preferred Values (ANSI/EIA-385-71) (R77) (R83)
EIA-476-B - Date Code Marking
EIA-519 - Molded Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Packaging Material (ANSI/EIA-519-86)
EIA-541 - Packaging Material Standards for ESD Sensitive Items (ANSI/EIA-541-88)
EIA-564 - Standard Test Method for Chemical Compatibility of Polycarbonate by Stress Crazing Evaluations (ANSI/EIA-564-92)
EIA-583 - Packaging Material Standards for Moisture Sensitive Items (ANSI/EIA-583-91)
EIA-724 - Product Life Cycle Data Model (ANSI/EIA-724-97)
Munsell Color - Munsell Color Charts for Color Coding