TIA Standards developed by committee JC-14.01

JEP113-B - Symbols and Labels for Moisture-Sensitive Devices
JESD22-A100-A - Cycled Temperature Humidity Bias Life Test
JESD22-A100-B - Cycled Temperature-Humidity-Bias Life Test
JESD22-A101-B - Steady-State Temperature Humidity Bias Life Test
JESD22-A102-B - Accelerated Moisture Resistance Unbiased Autoclave
JESD22-A103-A - High Temperature Storage Life
JESD22-A104-A - Temperature Cycling
JESD22-A105-B - Test Method A105-B, Power and Temperature Cycling
JESD22-A106-A - Thermal Shock
JESD22-A107-A - Salt Atmosphere
JESD22-A108-A - Bias Life
JESD22-A109 - Hermeticity
JESD22-A113-B - Preconditioning of Nonhermetic Surface Mount Devices Prior to Reliability Testing
JESD22-A114-A - Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Sensitivity Testing Human Body Model (HBM)
JESD22-A115-A - Test Method A115, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Sensitivity Testing Machine Model (MM)
JESD22-B100-A - Physical Dimensions
JESD22-B101 - External Visual
JESD22-B102-C - Solderability
JESD22-B103-A - Vibration, Variable Frequency
JESD22-B104-A - Mechanical Shock
JESD22-B105-B - Test Method B105-B Lead Integrity
JESD22-B107-A - Marking Permanency
JESD22-B108 - Coplanarity Test for Surface Mount Semiconductor Devices
JESD22-B116 - Wire Bond Shear Test
JESD22-C101 - Field-Induced Charged-Device Model Test Method for Electrostatic Discharge Withstand Thresholds of Microelectronic Components
JESD625-A - Requirements for Handling Electrostatic-Discharge-Sensitive (ESDS) Devices
JESD78 - IC Latch-Up Test
J-STD-020-A - Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Nonhermetic Solid State Surface Mount Devices
J-STD-033 - Standard for Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture/Reflow Sensitive Surface Mount Devices
J-STD-035 - Acoustic Microscopy for Nonhermetic Encapsulated Electronic Components