TIA Standards developed by committee P-03

EIA/IS-48 - Axial Lead Fixed Radio Frequency (RF) Coils
EIA/IS-759 - Multilayer Chip Inductor Qualification Specification
EIA/IS-760 - Surface Mount Wirewound Inductor Qualification Specification
EIA-174 - Audio Transformers for Electronic Equipment
EIA-175 - Audio Inductors
EIA-176 - Pulse Transformers for Radar Equipment
EIA-180 - Power Transformers for Electronic Equipment
EIA-181 - Iron Core Charging Inductors
EIA-183 - Output Transformers for Radio Broadcast Receivers
EIA-197-A - Power Filter Inductors for Electronic Equipment (ANSI/EIA-197-A-73) (R79) (R86)
EIA-217-A - Wound Cut Cores (ANSI/EIA-217-A-72) (R78) (R83)
EIA-242 - Definitions for Electromagnetic Delay Lines (ANSI/EIA-242-72) (R78) (R86)
EIA-260 - Tape-Wound Toroidal Cores (ANSI/EIA-260-72) (R78) (R83)
EIA-293 - Sonic Wire Delay Lines
EIA-314 - Envelope and Mounting Dimensions for Encapsulated Transformers and Inductors (Using Cores Listed in Table 1 of EIA-217-A)
EIA-369 - Midget I.F. Shields (.75-Inch, Square)
EIA-393 - Core Laminations, Vertical and Horizontal Channel Frames for Transformers for Radio and TV Receivers (ANSI/EIA-393-72) (R78) (R83)
EIA-416 - Filters, Radio Interference (ANSI/EIA-416-74) (R81)