TIA Standards developed by committee P-09

CB2 - Contamination of Printed Wiring Boards
EIA-161 - Unit Standards for Ceramic-Based Printed Circuits (ANSI/EIA-161-72) (R77) (R83)
EIA-162 - Test Standard for Ceramic-Based Printed Circuits (ANSI/EIA-162-72) (R77) (R83)
EIA-186-10E - Method 10: Effect of Soldering
EIA-186-11E - Method 11: Thermal Shock in Air
EIA-186-12E - Method 12: Heat-Life
EIA-186-13E - Method 13: Insulation Resistance Test
EIA-186-1E - Method 1: Humidity (Steady-State)
EIA-186-2E - Method 2: Moisture Resistance (Cycling)
EIA-186-3E - Method 3: Humidity (Steady-State Sealed Container)
EIA-186-4E - Method 4: Dielectric Test (Withstanding Voltage)
EIA-186-5E - Method 5: Salt Spray (Corrosion)
EIA-186-6E - Method 6: Mechanical Robustness of Terminals
EIA-186-7E - Method 7: Vibration Fatigue Test (Low Frequency, 10 to 55 Hz)
EIA-186-8E - Method 8: Vibration, High Frequency
EIA-186-9E - Method 9: Solderability
EIA-186-E - Standard Test Methods for Passive Electronic Component Parts: General Instructions and Index of Tests (ANSI/EIA-186-E-78) (R83)
EIA-208 - Definition and Register, Printed Wiring (ANSI/EIA-208-72) (R77)
EIA-213 - Test Point Locations for Printed Wiring Assemblies (ANSI/EIA-213-72) (R77) (R83)
EIA-214 - Method for Calculation of Current Ratings on Hook-Up Wire
EIA-216 - Standard Method of Test for Adhesion of Printed Wiring (ANSI/EIA-216-72) (R77) (R83)
EIA-251-A - Test to Determine the Temperature as a Function of Current in Printed Conductors (ANSI/EIA-251-A-71) (R83)
EIA-327-A - Solvent Resistance of Applied Marking Materials (ANSI/EIA-327-A-76) (R81)
EIA-339 - Recommended Test Method, Layer-to-Layer Adhesion of Magnetic Tape (ANSI/EIA-339-68) (R75)