TIA Standards developed by committee R-03

CPEB6-A - Preferred Voltage and Impedance Values for the Interconnection of Audio Products
CPEB7 - Audio Rectification
EIA/IS-11 - Turntable Measurement Standard
EIA/IS-25 - Interconnection Standards for Automobile Sound Systems
EIA/IS-9 - Standard Method of Measurement for Phonograph Cartridges Used in Analog Disc Playback Equipment
EIA-238-B - Standards for Stylus Tips Used for Disc Phonograph Record Reproducing (ANSI/EIA-238-B-75)
EIA-243 - Color Coding for Stereo Pick-Up Leads (ANSI/EIA-243-66) (R72) (R78)
EIA-276-A - Acceptance Testing of Dynamic Loudspeakers
EIA-278-B - Mounting Dimensions for Loudspeakers
EIA-299-A - Loudspeakers, Dynamic, Magnetic Structures and Impedance
EIA-400 - EIA Reproducer Test Tape: Full-Track, 1/4" (6.3 mm) Width, Open-Reel (for Tape Speeds of 7.5 in/s = 190.5 mm/s, and 3.75 in/s = 95.3 mm/s)
EIA-418 - Standard for Decoders (Type 1) for Reproducing Matrix Quadraphonic Disc Records
EIA-425 - Standards for Reproducing Discrete Four-Signal Disc Records
EIA-426-B - Loudspeakers, Optimum Amplifier Power (ANSI/EIA-426-B-98)
EIA-438 - Loudspeaker Spiders, Test for Measuring Stiffness
EIA-461 - Phonograph Pick-Ups with 1/2-Inch Mounting
EIA-490 - Standard Test Methods of Measurement for Audio Amplifiers
EIA-517 - Car Audio Standard (ANSI/EIA-517-86)
EIA-518 - Tape Recorder Measurement Standard (ANSI/EIA-518-86)
EIA-560 - Standard Method of Measurement for Compact Disc Players (ANSI/EIA-560-90)