TIA Standards - Consumer Electronics

CEB1-A - Recommended Practice for Content Advisories
CEB2 - Recommended Practice for Expansion of Extended Data Service (XDS) to Include Cable Channel Mapping System Information.
CEB3 - Recommended Practice for Camcorder Specifications
CEB4 - Recommended Practice for VCR Specifications
CEB5 - Recommended Practice for DTV Receiver "Monitor" Mode Capability
CEB6 - TV Receiving Antenna Manufacturers Guide to Categorizing Antennas for Use with the CEMA TV Antenna Selector Map Program: Antenna Types and Characteristics; Minimum Performance Requirements; Packaging and Marking Specifications
CPEB1 - Standard Method of Measurement of Ionizing Radiation from Television Receivers for Factory Quality Assurance
CPEB2 - Definition of Normal Operating Conditions for Television Receivers
CPEB3 - Measurement Instrumentation for X-Radiation from Television Receivers
CPEB6-A - Preferred Voltage and Impedance Values for the Interconnection of Audio Products
CPEB7 - Audio Rectification
EIA/CEA-818 - Cable Compatibility Requirements
EIA/CEA-827 - Sound Level Measurement - Vehicle Security System Sounding Devices
EIA/IS-105.1 - Decoder Interface Standard
EIA/IS-11 - Turntable Measurement Standard
EIA/IS-16-A - Immunity of Television Receivers and Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs) to Direct Radiation from Radio Transmissions, 0.5 to 30 MHz
EIA/IS-25 - Interconnection Standards for Automobile Sound Systems
EIA/IS-31 - Recommended Design Guideline, Rejection of Educational Interference to Ch 6 Television Reception
EIA/IS-51 - Emission Limitation for AM Broadcast Transmission
EIA/IS-702 - Copy Generation Management System (Analog)
EIA/IS-80 - Audio Bandwidth and Distortion Recommendations for AM Broadcast Receivers
EIA/IS-9 - Standard Method of Measurement for Phonograph Cartridges Used in Analog Disc Playback Equipment
EIA/TIA-250-C - Electrical Performance for Television Transmission Systems (ANSI/EIA/TIA-250-C-89)
EIA-100.1 - Standard for Replacement NI-CD Portable Consumer Camcorder Battery; replaces EIA/IS-100.1
EIA-100.2 - Standard for Replacement Sealed Lead Portable Consumer Camcorder Battery
EIA-105.2 - Decoder Interface Control Standard
EIA-157 - Method for Determining Air Gap Flux Density and Energy
EIA-160 - Sound Systems
EIA-170 - Electrical Performance Standards Monochrome Television Studio Facilities
EIA-189-A - Encoded Color Bar Signal
EIA-211-D - Processed Analog Audio Disc Records and Reproducing Equipment
EIA-221-A - Polarity or Phase of Microphones for Broadcasting, Recording, and Sound Reinforcement
EIA-23 - RF Interface Specification for Television Receiving and Cable Television Systems
EIA-238-B - Standards for Stylus Tips Used for Disc Phonograph Record Reproducing (ANSI/EIA-238-B-75)
EIA-243 - Color Coding for Stereo Pick-Up Leads (ANSI/EIA-243-66) (R72) (R78)
EIA-254-A - Precision Reel for Magnetic Tape (ANSI/EIA-254-A-68) (R75) (R87)
EIA-276-A - Acceptance Testing of Dynamic Loudspeakers
EIA-278-B - Mounting Dimensions for Loudspeakers
EIA-288 - Audio Magnetic Playback Characteristic at 7-1/2 IPS
EIA-295 - Disc Recording Characteristics
EIA-299-A - Loudspeakers, Dynamic, Magnetic Structures and Impedance
EIA-332-A - Dimensional Standard: Eight Track Endless Loop Cartridges (EIA Type III)
EIA-336 - Color Coding for Chassis Wiring (ANSI/EIA-336-68) (R73) (R79)
EIA-338 - Standard for Unrecorded Magnetic Tape for Reel-to-Reel Instrumentation Applications (ANSI/EIA-336-68)
EIA-342 - Recommended Test Method: Magnetic Tape Electrical Resistance Coating (ANSI/EIA-342-68) (R75)
EIA-346 - Type A Hubs and Reels for Magnetic Tape (Requirements for Interchange)
EIA-351 - Type B Plastic Reel for Magnetic Tape (Requirements for Interchange)
EIA-352 - One-Half-Inch (12.7 mm) Magnetic Tape Reel for Computer Use (Requirements for Interchange) (ANSI/EIA-352-68) (R75)
EIA-355 - Standard Dimensions for Unrecorded Magnetic Sound Recording Tape
EIA-362 - Recommended Test Method: Tensile Properties of Magnetic Tape (ANSI/EIA-362-70) (R75)
EIA-378 - Measurement of Spurious Radiation from FM and TV Broadcast Receivers in the Frequency Range of 100 to 1000 MHz, Using the EIA Laurel Broadband Antenna
EIA-387 - Four-Channel Sound Magnetic Tape Records
EIA-394 - Recorded Tape Formats for 7, 14, and 21 Tracks on 1/2-Inch Magnetic Tape and 14, 28, and 42 Tracks on 1-Inch Magnetic Tape for Instrumentation Recording (ANSI/EIA-394-72) (R79) (R87)
EIA-399-A - Dimensional Standard Coplanar Magnetic Tape Cartridge Type CP-II (Compact Cassette)
EIA-400 - EIA Reproducer Test Tape: Full-Track, 1/4" (6.3 mm) Width, Open-Reel (for Tape Speeds of 7.5 in/s = 190.5 mm/s, and 3.75 in/s = 95.3 mm/s)
EIA-413 - Recommended Test Method: Timing Error Measurements of Instrumentation Magnetic Tape Recorder/Reproducers (ANSI/EIA-413-73) (R79) (R87)
EIA-418 - Standard for Decoders (Type 1) for Reproducing Matrix Quadraphonic Disc Records
EIA-425 - Standards for Reproducing Discrete Four-Signal Disc Records
EIA-426-B - Loudspeakers, Optimum Amplifier Power (ANSI/EIA-426-B-98)
EIA-432 - Standard for Magnetic Tape Records: Endless-Loop Cartridges for Eight-Track Stereophonic Records at 3.75 in/s (9.53 cm/s)
EIA-433 - Standard for Magnetic Tape Records: Compact Cassette (EIA-399-A) with Four-Track Mono/Stereo Compatible Records at 1.875 in/s (4.76 cm/s)
EIA-434 - Standard for Magnetic Tape Records: Four-Track Open-Reel Stereophonic Records at 3.75 in/s and 7.5 in/s (9.5 cm/s and 19 cm/s)
EIA-438 - Loudspeaker Spiders, Test for Measuring Stiffness
EIA-461 - Phonograph Pick-Ups with 1/2-Inch Mounting
EIA-462 - Electrical Performance Standards for Television Broadcast Demodulators
EIA-490 - Standard Test Methods of Measurement for Audio Amplifiers
EIA-508 - Electrical Performance Standards for Television Broadcast Transmitters (ANSI/EIA-508-87)
EIA-516 - Joint EIA/CVCC Recommended Practice for Teletext: North American Basic Teletext Specification (NABTS) (ANSI/EIA-516-88)
EIA-517 - Car Audio Standard (ANSI/EIA-517-86)
EIA-518 - Tape Recorder Measurement Standard (ANSI/EIA-518-86)
EIA-544 - Immunity of TV and VCR Tuners to Internally Generated Harmonic Interference from Signals in the Band 535 kHz to 30 MHz (ANSI/EIA-544-88)
EIA-549 - NRSC AM Preemphasis/Deemphasis and Broadcast Audio Transmission Bandwidth Specifications (ANSI/EIA-549-88)
EIA-560 - Standard Method of Measurement for Compact Disc Players (ANSI/EIA-560-90)
EIA-600 CEBus SET - EIA Home Automation System (CEBus)
EIA-600.31 - Power Line Physical Layer and Medium Specification (ANSI/EIA-600.31-97)
EIA-600.32 - Twisted Pair Physical Layer & Medium Specification (ANSI/EIA-600.32-97)
EIA-600.33 - Coax Cable Physical Layer & Medium Specification (ANSI/EIA-600.33-97)
EIA-600.34 - IR Physical Layer & Medium Specification (ANSI/EIA-600.34-97)
EIA-600.35 - RF Physical Layer & Medium Specification (ANSI/EIA-600.35-97)
EIA-600.37 - Symbol-Encoding Sublayer
EIA-600.38 - Power Line/Radio Frequency Symbol Encoding Sublayer
EIA-600.41 - Description of the Data Link Layer (ANSI/EIA-600.41-97)
EIA-600.42 - Node Medium Access Control Sublayer (ANSI/EIA-600.42-97)
EIA-600.43 - Node Logical Link Control Sublayer (ANSI/EIA-600.43-97)
EIA-600.81 - Common Application Language (CAL) Specification (ANSI/EIA-600.81-97)
EIA-600.82 - CAL Context Description (ANSI/EIA-600.82-97)
EIA-608-A - Recommended Practice for Line 21 Data Service
EIA-633.31 - Power Line Physical Layer Conformance Specification
EIA-633.32 - Twisted Pair Physical Layer Conformance (ANSI/EIA-633.32-97)
EIA-633.34 - Infrared Physical Layer Conformance (ANSI/EIA-633.34-97)
EIA-633.37 - Symbol Encoding Sublayer Physical Layer Conformance (ANSI/EIA-633.37-97)
EIA-633.38 - PL and RF Symbol Encoding Physical Layer Conformance (ANSI/EIA-633.38-97)
EIA-633.42 - Node Data Link Layer Conformance (ANSI/EIA-633.42-00)
EIA-633.81 - CAL Conformance Specification
EIA-636 - Recommended Loudspeaker Safety Practices (ANSI/EIA-636-96)
EIA-639 - Consumer Camcorder or Video Camera Low Light Performance (ANSI/EIA-639-96)
EIA-679 - National Renewable Security Standard (NRSS)
EIA-693 - Audio/Video Bus (AVBus) Physical Layer and Media Specification (ANSI/EIA-693-97)
EIA-708-B - Digital Television (DTV) Closed Captioning
EIA-709.1-A - Control Network Protocol Specification (ANSI/EIA-709.1-A-99)
EIA-709.2 - Control Network Power Line (PL) Channel Specification
EIA-709.3 - Free-Topology Twisted-Pair Channel Specification (ANSI/EIA-709.3-99)
EIA-721.1 - Generic Common Application Language (Generic CAL) Specification
EIA-721.2 - Generic CAL Context Description
EIA-721.3 - Node Application Layer Specification
EIA-721.4 - Generic Common Application Language Quality of Service
EIA-744-A - Transport of Content Advisory Information Using Extended Data Service (XDS)
EIA-745 - Transport of Cable Channel Mapping System Information Using Extended Data Service (XDS)
EIA-746-A - Transport of Internet Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Information Using Text-2 (T-2) Service
EIA-752 - Transport of Transmission Signal Identifier (TSID) Using Extended Data Service (XDS)
EIA-761-A - DTV Remodulator Specification with Enhanced OSD Capability
EIA-762 - DTV Remodulator Specification
EIA-766 - U.S. Region Rating Table (RRT) and Content Advisory Descriptor for Transport of Content Advisory Information using ATSC A/65 Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP)
EIA-770.1-A - Analog 525 Line Component Video Interface - Three Channels
EIA-770.2-A - Standard Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface
EIA-770.3 - High Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface
EIA-770.3-A - High Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface
EIA-774 - TV Receiving Antenna Performance Presentation and Measurement
EIA-775 - DTV 1394 Interface Specification
EIA-775-A - DTV 1394 Interface Specification
EIA-776.1 - CEBus-EIB Router Communications Protocol-Description of the CEBus-EIB Router
EIA-776.2 - CEBus-EIB Router Communications Protocol - CEBus-EIB Router Medium Access Control Sublayer
EIA-776.3 - CEBus-EIB Router Communications Protocol - CEBus-EIB Router Logical Link Control Sublayer
EIA-776.4 - CEBus-EIB Router Communications Protocol - CEBus-EIB Router Network Layer
EIA-776.5 - CEBus-EIB Router Communications Protocol - The EIB Communications Protocol
EIA-794 - Data Radio Channel (DARC) System
EIA-795 - Subcarrier Traffic Information Channel (STIC) System
EIA-799 - On-Screen Display Specification
EIA-803 - Mobile Electronics Wiring Designations for Audio and Vehicle Security
IETNTS1 - Industrial Electronic Tentative Standard No. 1 (IETNTS1), Color Television Studio Picture Line Amplifier Output Drawing
REC-109-CH - Intermediate Frequencies for Entertainment Receivers
REC-130 - Test for Appearance and Durability of Finishes on Completely Finished Cabinets Made of Solid Wood and/or Veneer
REC-133 - Magnetic Recorder Combined with Home Radio Receivers
SE-101-A - Amplifiers for Sound Equipment
SE-103 - Speakers for Sound Equipment
SE-104 - Engineering Specifications for Amplifiers for Sound Equipment
SE-105 - Microphones for Sound Equipment
TVSB1 - EIA Recommended Practice for Use of a Vertical Interval Reference (VIR) Signal
TVSB3 - A History of the Vertical Interval Color Reference Signal (VIR)
TVSB5 - Multichannel TV Sound System BTSC System Recommended Practices