TIA Standards published in August 1998

CEB4 - Recommended Practice for VCR Specifications
CEB5 - Recommended Practice for DTV Receiver "Monitor" Mode Capability
EIA-364-79 - TP-79 Insert Bond Strength Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors (ANSI/EIA-364-79-98)
EIA-649 - National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management (ANSI/EIA-649-98), replaces EIA/IS-649
EIA-762 - DTV Remodulator Specification
TIA/EIA/IS-127-1 - Enhanced Variable Rate Codec, Speech Service Option 3 for Wideband Spread Spectrum Digital Systems - Addendum 1 (superceded by TIA-127-A)
TIA/EIA-126-B - Mobile Station Loopback Service Options Standard (superceded by TIA/EIA-126-C)
TIA/EIA-455-54-B - FOTP-54 - Mode Scrambler Requirements for Overfilled Launching Conditions to Multimode Fibers (ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-54B-98) (R2001)
TIA/EIA-455-55-C - FOTP-55 - Methods for Measuring the Coating Geometry of Optical Fibers (withdrawn July, 2000)
TIA/EIA-568-A-2 - Commercial Building Wiring Standard, Addendum 2 - Corrections and Additions to TIA/EIA-568-A (superceded by TIA/EIA-568-B series)
TIA/EIA-96-C - Speech Service Option Standard for Wideband Spread Spectrum Systems (ANSI/TIA/EIA-96-C-98)
TIA/EIA-97-B - Recommended Minimum Performance Standards for Base Stations Supporting Dual-Mode Spread Spectrum Cellular Mobile Stations (superceded by TIA/EIA-97-C)
TIA/EIA-98-B - Recommended Minimum Performance Standards for Dual-Mode Spread Spectrum Cellular Mobile Stations (superceded by TIA/EIA-98-C)
TIA-526-14-A - OFSTP-14 - Optical Power Loss Measurement of Installed Multimode Fiber Cable Plant (1998) (r2003)
TSB-92 - Report on EME Evaluation for RF Cabinet Emissions Under FCC MPE Guidelines (1998)