TIA Standards published in February 1996

JEP122 - Failure Mechanisms and Models for Silicon Semiconductor Devices
JESD22-A105-B - Test Method A105-B, Power and Temperature Cycling
JESD35-2 - Addendum No. 2 to JESD35 - Test Criteria for the Wafer-Level Testing of Thin Dielectrics
JESD49 - Procurement Standard for Known Good Die (KGD)
JESD54 - Standard for Description of 54/74ABTXXX and 74BCXXX TTL-Compatible BiCMOS Logic Devices
J-STD-016 - Standard for Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes - Software Development - Acquirer-Supplier Agreement (Issued for Trial Use)
TIA/EIA/IS-652 - PCN to PCN Intersystem Operations Based on DCS 1900 (withdrawn December, 2002)
TIA/EIA-423-B - Electrical Characteristics of Unbalanced Voltage Digital Interface Circuits (ANSI/TIA/EIA-423-B-1996) (R2001)
TIA/EIA-455-57-B - FOTP-57 - Preparation and Examination of Optical Fiber Endface for Testing Purposes (ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-57B-96) (R2000) (R 2005)
TSB-41-D - TIA/EIA/IS-41-B Technical Notes (superceded by TIA-41-E)