TIA Standards published in January 1995

EIA/TIA-634 - MSC-BS Interface for Public Wireless Communications Systems (superceded by TIA/EIA-634-A)
EIA-624 - Electronic Industries Association - Product Package Bar Code Label Standard for Non-Retail Applications (ANSI/EIA-624-95)
TIA/EIA/IS-53-A - Cellular Features Description (superceded by TIA/EIA-53-B)
TIA/EIA/IS-634-A - MSC-BS Interface (A-Interface) for Public 800 Mhz (superceded by TIA/EIA-634-B)
TIA/EIA/IS-651 - SS7 Based A-Interface (superceded by TIA-651-A)
TIA/EIA-504 - Magentic Field Intensity Criteria for Telephone Compatibility with Hearing Aids (superceded by TIA-504-A)
TIA/EIA-568-A - Commercial Building Wiring Standard (superceded by TIA/EIA-568-B series)
TIA/EIA-637 - Short Message Services for Spread Spectrum Systems (superceded by TIA/EIA-637-A)
TSB-58 - Administration of Parameter Value Assignments for TIA/EIA Wideband Spread Spectrum Standards (superceded by TSB-58-A)