TIA Standards published in January 2002

J-STD-038-A - Network Interworking Between GSM Map and TIA/EIA-41-Map - Revision A - GPRS Support (2002)
TIA/EIA/IS-856-1 - cdma2000® High Rate Packet Data Air Interface Specification - Addendum 1 (2002)
TIA/EIA-136-270-C-1 - TDMA Third Generation Wireless - Mobile Stations Minimum Performance - Addendum 1 (ANSI/TIA/EIA-136-270-C-1-2002)
TIA/EIA-455-25-C - FOTP-25 - Impact Testing of Optical Fiber Cables (ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-25C-2002)
TIA/EIA-637-B - Short Message Service for Spread Spectrum Systems (ANSI/TIA/EIA-637-B-2002)(superceded by TIA-637-C)[SUSPENDED JAN 2005]
TIA-728 - Intersystem Link Protocol (ISLP) (2002)
TIA-730 - Intersystem Operations Support for the IS-136 Digital Control Channel (2002)
TIA-735 - Enhancements to TIA/EIA-41-D and TIA/EIA-664 for Advanced Features in Wideband Spread Spectrum Systems (2002)
TIA-737 - IS-41-C Enhancements for Circuit Mode Services (2002)
TIA-751 - TIA/EIA-41-D Modifications to Support IMSI (2002)
TIA-756-A - TIA/EIA-41-D Enhancements for Wireless Number Portability Phase II (2002)
TIA-764 - TIA/EIA-41-D Enhancements for Wireless Calling Name Feature Descriptions (2002)
TSB-58-E - Administration of Parameter Value Assignments for cdma2000® Spread Spectrum Standards (superceded by TSB-58-F)
TSB-88-A-1 - Wireless Communications Systems - Performance in Noise and Interference-Limited Situations - Recommended Methods for Technology-Independent Modeling, Simulation, and Verification - Addendum 1 (2002) (superceded by TSB-88-B)