TIA Standards published in July 1992

AB3-D - Glossary of Terms for Numerically Controlled Machines
EIA-381-A - Method of Diode "Q" Measurement (ANSI/EIA-381-A-1992)
EIA-408 - Interface between Numerical Control Equipment and Data Terminal Equipment Employing Parallel Binary Data Interchange (ANSI/EIA-408-73) (R92)
EIA-441 - Operator Interface Functions of Numerical Controls (ANSI/EIA-441-92)
EIA-491 - Interface between a Numerical Control Unit and Peripheral Equipment Employing Asynchronous Binary Data Interchange over Circuits Having EIA-423-A Electrical Characteristics (ANSI/EIA-491-92)
EIA-494-B - 32 Bit Binary CL (BCL) and 7 Bit ASCII CL (ACL) Exchange Input Format for Numerically Controlled Machines (ANSI/EIA-494-B-90)
JES2 - Transistor, Gallium Arsenide Power FET, Generic Specification
JESD35 - Procedure for the Wafer-Level Testing of Thin Dielectrics